Saturday, March 17, 2012

Setting a leprechaun trap! Would settle for sexy irishman...


I love celebrating any holiday I can! Especially when it means I get to bake.

Oh shoot - I completely forgot about pie day - would have used that excuse to make a lemon cream pie with the lemons in my yard....

Anyway, for St Pattys day I am not drinking. I did have a greenish club soda with lime, but no booze, which suits me just fine. I would prefer to consume my calories....

 Do you like my "leprechaun trap"?

I plan to lure him in with gold, after which he will fall into a bear pit of sorts constructed with pretzels. Muahahaha!!

The best part...

I got the recipe from someone who made it look a LOT prettier, but that's okay - mine would have looked better if I had piping bags, more cake better and frosting tools. Maybe next year.

My Source:

I had this recipe saved on one of my  pinterest boards. Do you have a pinterest?? It is pretty amazing. 

Enjoy the Holiday - even if it is a small one!

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