Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Palm Springs Tram

The Palm Springs tram is the largest in the world and goes up over 8500 ft in ten minutes. I wanted to take it in the winter and the summer as there is snow in the winter! This tram is very famous and is probably the number one activity to do in Palm Springs. It is a must and was definitely worth the $24 ticket up.

This tram is located on the opposite end of Palm Springs, so driving there took almost an hour. The last bit of it is a four mile drive from the visitors center to the base of Mt. San Jacinto.
It is amazing how flat the Coachella Valley is isn't it?

Base of the Tram

It was hard to get photos on the way up, because it was crowded and everyone has to stand by the window the entire time!

At the top of the tram there is a restaurant and bar, run by ARAMARK (who I worked for last summer)! $24 for the ticket was enough money out of my pocket so I didn't get anything, but went out back and walked along the nature trails. You can't go far without a backcountry permit, but I lounged around and enjoyed the fresh air and snowy meadows.

I plan on going back in two weeks to do an overnight trip up part of the Pacific Crest Trail - should be amazing! What is also nice about the trails up here is that snakes and bears very rarely come up this high. Every once in a while they do, but you aren't even required to hike with a bear can - makes me feel safe!

What a difference huh?!

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  1. Gorgeous! I hope to visit the place sometime in the future;)