Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rock Climber Paradise

After eating my big bowl of Irish Oats Saturday morning I set out to Joshua Tree State Park to meet up with my friend Ashlyn.

The last time I saw Ashlyn was in Denali National Park - so strange to now be meeting up with her in a completely different park.  Ashlyn is living in 29 Palms, about an hour and fifteen minutes away from me.
Good to see a friendly face!

I met her and her friend Gina at the north visitor's center and we set out on a flat 7 mi (round trip) walk into the desert. It was very flat, but the deep sand made it a good workout by the end. The photo at the top of my blog depicts the view from where or journey finally ended. It was so beautiful - and epic in comparison with the beginning of the trail.

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