Saturday, May 12, 2012

Life Updates

This past week has been intense! Let me update you on a few things in my life...

1) I bought a new car! I bought a used 2007 Subaru Forester from a dealership. This was after a month of sifting through ads on craigslist and visiting a few dealerships for test drives. I bought this car through an ad on craigslist that sent me to a Kia dealership.
As exciting as it is to be driving a newer and smoother car, I will miss my Jeep. It feels like what I imagine letting go of your first car feels like. My first car was such a P.O.S.  that I was happy to see it go. I couldn't even sell the damn thing because I knew how much it broke down (and no one could figure out why). I had to give it away to charity. The Jeep is different. The Jeep has carried me through unbelievable snow storms and barely ever slipped.

That car moved me across states and was there for me for the best years of my life. It has comforting heated leather seats for the winter and ice cold air conditioning for the summer. The only bad thing about this car is it has a V8 engine which guzzles a gallon of gasoline every 14 miles. Now that I am paying over $4 for gas, this is a bit of a dealbreaker. Goodbye Jeep, you will be missed!

Did I just write about cars? Sounded an awful lot like boyfriends!

Photos of the subaru will be coming in the next post!

2) I had my first experience with workplace politics. I think any of my parents or David could vouch that it frazzled me all week long!! Thank goodness I played my cards right. That is all I will say in the blog, ask me about it on the phone if you want to know the details.

3) David is coming to visit me the 15th of May through the 30th! Yeah, it's complicated. I am very excited to see him and we are going to start our trip off next week with a stay in the San Diego Andaz!!  I'll be sure to keep you updated...

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  1. <3 I was thinking about calling you last week and got so swept up in the stress of work that it obviously didn't happen. I hope everything's going well, and I want to hear about your complicated David, because I have a complicated Michael!